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Story timeeee to save these kiddos from boredom 👑🎉 GIVEAWAY TIME 🎉 @babyjackco contacted me and offered to GIVEAWAY 4 BARBIE sized blankets YAAAY !! I'm so excited to be doing a giveaway for my Barbie friends !! I know you Barbie mom's will love it because it's such an awesome and cool prop to use for your pictures 😉 @babyjackco has a deal for the human's too ! You can get 30% OFF a life sized one using the code BARBIE 😁 these are great for learning, because the fabric has ABCs, shapes and numbers 😉 ALSOOOO it's the ONLY tag blanket with ribbons sewn SHUT and they even have new cute prints like: Mermaids, unicorns, fire, police and educational prints ! 😁😉😉 All you have to do to enter is
💖 follow @babyjackco check out their website to learn more about what they do 😊
💖 and comment why you would like to win one of these 😁
💖 you must be 18 years or older to enter ! Or have a parents or guardians permission :)
THATS ALLL 😍 enter enter its FREE !! Kelly and Wyatt are BIG #babyjackfan's and your kids will be too 😉 #learninglovey

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