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My heart is so full right now 💖 Everyone meet my sweet, kind and beautiful Grandmother, Tiffany Walton 👑 ( yes, I'm named after her 💖) LIFE UPDATE - My grandma is going through some hard times at the moment ... since we don't want her to go through all this alone we decided to stay with her for a while 💛she didn't want to move all her stuff to our house, so we came to hers. This was the first house Ken and I bought (she is now living in it)💖😊it's gonna be interesting fitting the seven of us in a two bedroom home (the kids count as 2 more because they are wild animals) but we will make it work 😊 anything for you granny 💛😘 stay tuned for the adventure 😄 p.s by the time we leave she will have more grey hairs sorry grandma love you ! 🤣

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